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Cricket News stated that in the United States

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Cricket News stated that in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, there are limited formats for women's cricket. Cricket News stated that, as shown above, the International Criminal Court maintains a high standard for all forms of cricket played by all countries. The highest standard is test cricket, usually written with a capital T. It is actually the first type of cricket in the international version, and is limited to teams that have become full members of the International Criminal Court on behalf of 12 countries or regions.
The test match lasted for five days, and each team scored one round and one blow in 20 single rounds. Limited-s ball cricket is always scheduled to be completed within one day, each team gets one round, singles hit -20 rounds.Even so, the current Indian players have not yet been born, but India won the first ever game in the New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka game and has won all games since. As long as India has three or more batters in the test round, they will win the test. Cricket News pointed out that a rule is that if a batsman has only one partner left, there must always be two active batsmen in the game, in which case they should not be eliminated on the spot. If the team that beat the last one wins with a wicket, then it is said that wickets, where n is the number of wickets that have not yet fallen.
cricket news