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Cricket News says IPL's game in India is one of the biggest changes seen in this year's tournament

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Cricket News says that the fact that IPL is playing in the UAE instead of India is undoubtedly one of the biggest changes we will see in this year's tournament. This will not be the first time the league has been held in another country, as South Africa hosted the league in 2009, while the 2014 version was held in India and the United Arab Emirates. Cricket News stated that there will be an All-Star game at the same time as the main tournament in Dubai, and there will be an All-Star game in Abu Dhabi.
The UAE Cricket Committee also officially designated Dubai as an offshore destination for IPL 2020. No BCCI person commented on this, but a source within BCCI told InsideSport that if the UAE is traveling outside India, the UAE is the best destination. Ground. The source also told us that another reassuring factor of ICC and BCCi is that in the past, in the UAE in 2014, the reaction to the IPL match was the same. According to Cricket News, CODID19, the situation in Dubai has been better controlled. Borg said: "The final of the T20 Championship has created a miracle for the Indian women's competition.
cricket news