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Cricket News says you can also watch cricket live of IPL 2016 matches through ESPN Cricket

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Cricket News says that you can also watch the cricket live broadcast of the IPL 2016 match through ESPNCricket here, and watch the cricket live broadcast of India vs. Sri Lanka here.
Cricket News stated that since yesterday, it has been paying attention to the coverage of the IPL results of the game, and real-time scores will be scored from today. Click this link to view all the latest results and updates of the 2016 Indian Premier League, as well as to view IPl 2020.Cricket News said that this is not to say that T20 is affecting test cricket, but because it is on very thin ice, I think there are lighter entertainment options. Purists may sniff around cricket, but it breathes new life into test football. It shows people the fun of testing cricket, but they forget the game.
cricket news