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The team that won the championship 2 three times in a row is today's cricket news

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Cricket news stated that Sunriser Hyderabad is the favourite to win the qualifying match 2 against Abu Dhabi’s Delhi capital on Sunday. The team that won Qualification 1 has won three consecutive victories with the winner of Qualification 2 in the past four seasons.
The only team to reverse this trend is MI, which defeated the emerging Pune Supergiant in the 2017 final. She has a command belt on both sides of the ball and defeated the first finalist DC to win the championship, thus expanding her running position and having a good record in cricket news.
You might argue that friendly conditions are conducive to MI's victory over DC's 255 record, which is friendly conditions. The final cricket news is that DC also achieved the same results in last year's qualifying final, winning in Abu Dhabi and losing in Dubai.

cricket news