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Cricket News Introducing ICC

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Cricket News says that ICC is the international governing body for cricket in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
ICC also holds competitions for multiple countries/regions at the same time, including the World Cup, World 20/20/20, ICC Championship Trophy and ICC World Cricket League. Cricket News pointed out that test cricket is indeed the international version of first-class cricket. Although it is always indicated by a big "T", the high standards are limited to teams from the twelve countries that are full members of the ICC.
ICC maintains a list of all countries/regions that play this form of cricket, as well as the number of test matches in each country/region.
Finally, Cricket News said that the game's governing body is the International Cricket Committee (ICC), which has more than 100 members, 12 of which are full members participating in the test competition.

cricket news