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Cricket news about all-around players

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Today’s Cricket News pointed out that from the first ball to the last ball of the game, only one batsman faced all the pitches during the game. This player is called the all-around player and is responsible for one third of the total running time of a team in a game.
Cricket News says that most bowlers are considered talented, while their significant other is all-around. Although each team can have one to six players, there is only one Batman.
The game is decided by two referees, the third referee (competition referee) assists in international competitions, and two referees assist in national competitions. The essence of this sport is that the bowler takes the ball to the end of the court and the batsman with the bat hits the ball to the other end (see the next section for the basic game).
Finally, Cricket News explained that if Batman hits the ball six laps and the referee raises his arm, the defense team (usually a bowler) can appeal the dismissal before the referee makes a decision. If not, he raised his index finger to indicate that he was out or expelled.

cricket news