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According to Cricket News, Pukowski will participate in Australia’s expanded test lineup

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According to Cricket News, Pukowski will participate in Australia's expanded test lineup and will participate in four matches against India in the Adelaide Oval in December. In the ABC broadcast, two former Australian captains also asked him to have the opportunity to participate in the test team.
Since the first announcement, Rohit Sharma, who has been absent from all three teams, has remained in ODI and T20I, but is now included in the test class for the Gawaska Trophy at the border. Cricket news shows that Sharma, 33, led the Mumbai Indians to the IPL finals, but news about whether he will go on a "downhill trip" is mixed.
After allowing 765 runs in the first two ODIs, India is expected to remain unchanged after these changes. Virat Kohli’s baby is expected shortly before the first test in Adelaide, Australia. He hopes to get pregnant in just one month, as he will skip ODII and T20I, as they only appear in the series, and Testing is part of the World Cup. Finally, Cricket News said that after the family corkscrew holiday, Collis will face Australia at the Adelaide Oval on Sunday. Test cricket online and on demand, and provide real-time comments on ESPNcricinfo, available on iOS, Android and Kindle.

cricket news