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Cricket News announces that all three teams have joined the Border Gavaska Trophy test team

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Cricket News announced that since the first announcement, Rohit Sharma, who has been absent from all three teams, has taken a break from ODI and T20I, but is now included in the border Gavaska Trophy test team. The 33-year-old Sharma led the Mumbai Indians to the IPL finals, but there is mixed news about whether he will go to the end. Cricket News pointed out that after receiving paternity leave, Corley will play against Australia on Boxing Day and return home before the first game of the Adelaide Series. There is no big news about the future of India's No. 1 (and preferred) all-around captain Verat Kolin.
Of course, Cricket News stated that babies born this month hope Kohli will skip ODI and T20I because they are just a series and the test is part of the World Cup. During the two world wars, South Africa visited Pakistan under the rule of the South African army and the Pakistani army of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). South Africa’s last visit to Pakistan was in the 1950s, when they won the 1-0 Karachi Test in front of 1.5 million spectators.

cricket news