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Cricket News says that IPL attracts players from all over the world

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Cricket News stated that IPL has attracted players from all over the world and paved the way for the development of T20 cricket in India, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. IPL is one of the most successful and fastest-changing leagues in the 20th century in the world. It has successfully launched its second season and the third consecutive season.
The defending champion Mumbai Indians (MI) led by Rohit Sharma is currently the best team in IPL 2020. Cricket News also pointed out that the Indians were the only two teams in the league's first two seasons, with a record of three wins, two draws and one loss.Pattinson made his IPL debut in the tournament opener and played nine games while rushing to the fifth IPL title in Mumbai. The captain of King XI Punjab scored 670 times at the end of the season and ended the cricketer's game with an orange block. Finally, Cricket News stated that IPL Lions captain Rahul Dravid won the IPL 2020 orange block for the team that was eliminated from the IPT playoffs before the last day of the game.
cricket news