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Cricket News points out that the 35th game of IPL 2020 will be held

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Cricket News stated that the 35th match of IPL 2020 will be held at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Ground in Hyderabad on Sunday, October 23. This is the last match between KKR and the Kolkata Cavaliers (KK), KKK Won the three-ball super game in front of 5,000 spectators.
Then, Cricket News pointed out that the Mumbai Indians defeated the Chennai Super Kings 1-0, won their fifth IPL championship in eight years, and became the second team to win consecutive IPL trophies. The main milestone of the Mumbai Indians: They became the first team in the history of the Indian Super League to win the first Indian Super League championship and the second successful team in history. This is the third time the team led by Dhoni has failed to enter the IPL playoffs, and this is the fourth time since IPPL was established in 2006. Finally, Cricket News said that the super kings Mumbai and Chennai met in the IPO 12 final. The Mumbai Indians "received victory in that game, and their victory in this year's final was their first defeat of Chennai.
cricket news