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Cricket News points out the important connection between coronavirus prevention and cricket matches

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Cricket News also pointed out that Yuvrai also urged people to take all necessary precautions to prevent the coronavirus as the country continues to fight the pandemic. Cricket News announced that BCCI said in a statement that it will work with the medical team to manage the workload of bowling. Western Australia captain Shaun Marsh decided to box in Karen Rolton Oval first because he believed that the green deck would bring him a lot of work. In the second match of the third ODI match, Jill played against Sri Lanka at the same location, but was unable to appeal the referee's decision.
Most importantly, Cricket News stated that the second T20I match between Australia and India will be held at the Sydney Cricket Ground, while the one-day international match between India and South Africa will be held at Canberra’s McDonald’s. For the third time at the Lucca Oval. Click here to sign up for our free daily email newsletter, which contains the latest cricket news, updates and unexpected events. Watch Kayo's game on Sky Sports TV, Channel 9 and Channel 10.
cricket news