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Cricket News said that women's cricket has also reached international standards

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Cricket News said that women's cricket has also reached international standards. In the international cricket competition, the most successful team is Australia, which has won seven trophies in one day of international competitions, including the ICC Women’s World Cup and the 20th Century World Championships, and is the world’s highest ranked test team, more than any other country. . Cricket News said that the T20I series played against the West Indies in Adelaide and the three-day series in Sydney followed closely.The test match lasted for five days. Each team hit the ball in a single game of more than 20 innings, with a maximum of 2 wickets per game and at least 3 times per wicket.
Cricket News said, this is a very high standard, because the test cricket is always written with the letter "T". It is actually an international version of the first-class cricket, and it is limited to teams representing 12 countries or regions with official ICC members. ICC maintains a list of all countries that use this form of cricket (see above) and also organizes competitions in multiple countries at the same time, including World Cup qualifiers, World Twenty20 and International Cricket Council Test Series. These include a one-day match and finals, which are now World Cup qualifiers.
cricket news