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Cricket News claims that the team bought 9 new players at the 2020 IPL auction

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Cricket News stated that the franchise purchased 9 new players at the 2020 IPL auction and completed the 13th edition of the IPH roster. In the team's 10th season, 14 players were obtained from last season, and at the IPL 2020 auction, the team had a total of 7 players. Cricket News said that the team and SRH have completed their lineups and purchased a new player and two new employees, as well as two players from South Africa, Sri Lanka and India. RR bought 3 players from India, 1 player from New Zealand, 2 players from Australia, 1 player from Sri Lanka, and completed the RR lineup in the 12th season of the IP company. The team this season.
Cricket News pointed out that the Mumbai Indians became the first team to win the IPL championship four times, defeating the Chennai Super Kings 1-0. The top four teams entering the playoffs are the Mumbai Indians, Delhi Dudley Wells, Hyderabad Dragons, Mumbai Thunder and Rajasthan Royals. In the IPH 12 finals, the two best pre-season teams-Mumbai and Delhi, and Chennai, the second-placed team last season, met in the IPL 12 finals.
cricket news