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Cricket News says the 2020 Women's T20 Challenge will be broadcast on December 14

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Cricket News said that the 2020 Women’s T20 Challenge will be broadcast live on ESPNcricinfo on Thursday, December 14th at 7pm Eastern Time. You can also live stream games from Disney Hotstar and watch the live broadcast without ads-the rest of the game on Kayo.Cricket News pointed out that click here to sign up for ESPNcricino's free daily email newsletter, which includes major news, features, interviews, etc.
The second T20I match between Australia and India will be held at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The encounter is a day and night test that Australia has never missed. India scored an impressive 8-0 victory in Adelaide's first game, breaking the record by defeating Australia in the first ever test game. The Indian team could not continue to lead in the first few innings, losing the wicket in the first three innings, but won one and a half innings in the final game against Australia.Cricket News stated that India overcame a difficult start and defeated the goal 70 by 70 to win the third and final test of the Adelaide Oval.
cricket news